The Israel Palestine Series

I have a crazy love for the Middle East, and more than anywhere else I love Israel and Palestine. Academically, I have a background studying religion and politics of the Middle East and specifically the relationship between the two in Israel and Palestine. Yet there is so much more to this region than politics and conflict and through my frequent trips i've been completely captivated by this beautiful land and the people who live there. The Israeli and Palestinian cultures are so rich and when i'm not there, reading books or watching films are the closest I can get to experiencing this place that I love.

I started this series to highlight various books, tv shows, films etc. that I have enjoyed that are accessible to people who are as attracted to this region as myself. I hope you enjoy many of the things that I have featured, and I would love any recommendations.

A full list of everything I have featured in this series is available through the hashtag #IsraelPalestineSeries on this blog, and I will also link them all below.