Happy Easter | Blogging and Life Update

"Spring is a time of plans and projects."

Happy Easter! I love Easter, and I have a new found appreciation for it this year because i'm working full time. Easter means a long weekend and it comes with none of the faff that Christmas comes with - something I am very thankful for as i've been quite ill recently.

I also want to reimagine this blog and the content on it hence the above quote. I love Spring time and it seems like the perfect opportunity to plan what this blog will look like. I don't really enjoy writing book reviews and I don't feel like i'm any good at it either. But I also don't want to saturate this blog with my life because, unfortunately, my life just isn't that interesting. I still want to continue with my Israel and Palestine series, and I don't want to stop writing about books completely I just don't really know how anymore.

I have also posted a few bookish photos on instagram and i've been thinking about how I can use that as a platform for writing about books.

Anyway i'm going to wrap this up because I haven't actually concluded anything about the future of this blog. But, in short, apologies for the lack of posts and Happy Easter and have a lovely spring.