Things I Want To Write by The End of The Year | Autumn TBW

Last week I wrote a post on what I hoped to read by the end of this year (Autumn TBR). But lately I have been inspired like crazy to write loads of things so I just want to list the things I am hoping to write by the end of the year. I don't know if TBW (to be written) is a thing, but I'm making it one.

1) Novel No.1

For the past 2/3 years I have been working on a novel. However, this year I really stepped it up a gear and I have shaped it so much. That being said, it still needs a tremendous amount of work. I hope to have a really decent draft of this by the end of the year and I think this is very doable.

2) Novel No.2

Since earlier this year I have had an excellent idea for a novel just milling in my mind. I started writing a plan for it in February, and in June I wrote the first couple of chapters but I have sort of just put it aside. I hope to write this for NaNoWriMo this year. So I will spend October making a much more elaborate plan and hopefully I will have the first 50,000 words of this by December.

3) Life Right Now

My life at the moment is in a weird place. I've graduated, and I'm working but not quite where I hope to be, and I've been writing little snippets about working life and the area in which I work which (i think) is really interesting. I want to keep up with this, because I can imagine shaping it into a sort of memoir type book. Not a memoir, something a little like Down and Out in Paris and London which I read earlier this year and loved the way it just spoke about mundane working life in Paris and London in the 1920s. It's a good written snapshot of a time, and I want to make a nice written snapshot of their time in my life right now. I've always written diaries, but they are more for me, I want to write a diary that's more digestible for others I guess.

4) London: Through My Eyes

I have an idea for a series of posts on my favourite places in London. (This is the working title) I did a similar thing on my old blog. I really want to film these though, which will require a lot of work. It will give me the chance to develop my skills in shooting and editing videos as well as writing short pieces of creative writing.

5) My Short Story

I have been working on a short story that I'm really fond of. I hope to keep shaping into something publishable, which is a stage I will be at very soon. I will post it on this blog, or submit to magazines that publish short stories. I just want to force myself to put my writing out somewhere because I'm still very shy about the things I write.