#IsraelPalestineSeries: Meet Me At The Olive Tree | No. 6

Book: Meet Me At The Olive Tree by Julia Fisher

Published: December 2012
Publisher: Monarch Books
Length: 190pp.

This is a spin-off from Julia Fisher's popular radio show The Olive Tree. The premise is simple, Fisher travels around Israel and Palestine meeting Christians from Jewish and Arab backgrounds and asking them what God is doing in their lives and in their communities. The culmination of stories is truly extraordinary and inspiring. You can listen to the entire back catalogue of episodes for free here, and this book highlights some of the excellent stories she has collected.

The stories in this book are a combination of personal testimonies of how people have found faith in Jesus and how it radically changed their perception of Israelis or Palestinians. It is beautiful how faith can cause so much love for an enemy to grow in peoples hearts. Often the political situation in Israel and Palestine can seem so dire that it leaves you feeling hopeless but these stories will fill you with hope of a peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians.

Recently a paper I wrote on the reconciliation work of Christians in Israel and Palestine was published in the Canadian Journal for Middle Eastern Studies which I will link here. Christians in the Holy Land are a group close to my heart and my personal interests. A lot of people don't realise that there are Christian's from Jewish and Arab backgrounds in Israel and Palestine. Jewish Christians are often referred to as Messianic Jews, and Palestinian Christian families have existed in Palestine since the time of Jesus, although there are some Palestinian Christians who have converted from Islam. 

You can listen to The Olive Tree on Premier Christian Radio - Thursdays at 6.15pm.