#IsraelPalestineSeries: All The Rivers | No.4

Novel: All The Rivers by Dorit Rabinyan

Published: May 2014 (English Version: March 2017)
Publisher: Serpent's Tail
Original Language: Hebrew (גדר חיה)
Length: 288pp.

This is the story of a young couple who meet in New York, but Liat is Israeli and Hilmi is Palestinian. Their love affair can only last a few months as both of them must soon leave the city, Liat to return to Israel and Hilmi to Palestine.

I think their love unfolds beautifully, they encounter a lot of difficulties because Liat is Israeli and Hilmi is Palestinian. List struggles to tell her family, and then comes to blows with Hilmi's brother when she meets his family and friends. Her closeness to him flares up her defensive for Israel and there are many interesting dynamics in their relationship which are explored. 

This book was banned in Israeli schools but in an interview with the NY Times (which is worth reading here) Rabinyan stated "she hoped that people would read her novel “All the Rivers” for its love story, and not because of the free-speech controversy surrounding it"

I intend to write a little more about this book in a comparison with Ishmael's Oranges by Claire Hajaj