#IsraelPalestineSeries: Beauty and the Baker | No.3

TV Show: Beauty and The Baker

Released: 2013 (Israel) 2016 (UK)
Starring: Aviv Alush as Amos Dahari, Rotem Sela as Noa Hollander
Episodes: 10 (30 mins)

If you live in the UK and are looking to watch an Israeli TV show I fully recommend Beauty and the Baker (in Hebrew: להיות איתה Lehiyot Ita).

Since last year I have been trying to learn Hebrew. In my attempt to do so I was seeking out TV shows and films that are [legally] easily accessible in the UK and I was happy to stumble upon Beauty and the Baker, an Israeli romantic comedy drama entirely in Hebrew with English subs. The show is a few years old, it was made in 2013, but it is the easiest Hebrew language TV show to access in the UK because it's available on 4oD. There is only 1 series but it's made up of 10 30min episodes, so that's a full 5 hours of language practice for you.

The story is really funny, it's about  a baker from Bat-Yam in Israel called Amos who happens to meet Noa Hollander, a famous actress and model. They start dating, but things don't exactly run smoothly for the pair. The show follows the life of Amos and his Mizrahi Jewish family, mainly his useless brother who is constantly chasing women and trying to make it as a singer, and his teenage sister who is trying to come out as a lesbian to her parents.  I wasn't too crazy about Noa at first, it took a few episodes for her to grow on me as a character, but my favourite person in this show by far was Amos's nightmare ex-girlfrind - Vanessa. 

I absolutely loved this and it's definitely worth watching - even if you aren't trying to learn Hebrew.

* Random side note but the actor who plays Amos (Aviv Alush) also plays Jesus in the movie of The Shack, and i'm about to read that book.