How I Write

I write an awful lot about reading on this blog. In fact most of my posts are about books i've read, however I rarely write about writing. That's hard for me as I choose to be vague about what i'm writing because I don't know what the future looks like for any of the writing endeavours I am currently committed to.  In addition to this, recently I have been lazy in my writing habits on account of this uncertainty.

What I'm Writing at The Moment
At present I am working on writing two things, my book on Jerusalem and a novel about a group of people living and working in London.

The Novel: Where am I?
I'm about 62000 words into it, and still far from finished. I'm currently ripping apart the structure a little and changing the lives of many of the characters. Because of this i'm giving myself a break from advancing the story to simply work on neatening up the first few chapters. Once i've does this I think I will give them to somebody else to read for some feedback as I never do that with my writing and it's so bad!

Jerusalem: Where am I?
I'm a little stuck with this at the moment as I can't go much further with this book until I am back in Jerusalem and I am waiting until I get the go-ahead from somebody else (a literary agent) until I can do that. Right now i'm in a place where i've written a proposal which I keep tweaking here and there, and i'm waiting to get all the sample photographs from the photographers in Jerusalem until I can start submitting to literary agents.

Realistically there are a few fact based/historical aspects of the book that I could be writing here and now. As well as research about the people and places I want to include in the book that I should be doing now in London. So I guess I will do that. Yes, i'll start later today - or tomorrow.

Writing Processes
The thing about writing is that it's 90% re-wrtitng. I happen to enjoy the process of re-writing, it's like polishing up a nice piece of silverware however the initial writing is like making the silverware and that's the hardest part and the part that I hate. I know i'm not a good writer naturally, so my first drafts of anything are incredibly rough, and require so much work before I can finally get to the re-writing part that I am more fond of.

Where I Write
I wish I could say I was one of those super productive people who writes at a desk and has a nice routine of getting up early and writing a set amount of words before a certain hour and blah blah blah. However I am still in student mode as i'm fresh out of uni so I write in bed mostly (it's where i'm writing this now) and I wish I had a routine but I don't. I'm more productive when I work outside of my bed and when I set myself goals and try and make a routine for myself, but at the moment i'm still trying to work out what works best for me.