Follow Me To by Murad and Nataly Osmann

Follow Me To by Murad and Nataly Osmann

I bought this book earlier this week on Amazon as I love travelling. Nowadays most people travel, it's not a particularly exclusive thing and we're all used to seeing friends holiday pics all over social media. But when photographer and model couple Murad and Nataly Osmann starting posting their #followmeto pics on instagram it pretty much changed the travel blogging/instagramming game. Their photos sparked a worldwide trend of taking photos from behind with your arm stretched out. It sounds ridiculous when you put it like that but there is something really captivating about these photographs, it's the reason they have been replicated (and parodied!) millions of times on the internet, and I am a huge fan.

As much as I love travelling I don't really enjoy travelling alone. I'm not convinced by all the female solo travel bloggers/vloggers/social media stars out there, from my own experience travelling alone is pretty lonely and really awkward when it comes to trying to take a nice scenic photo by yourself for instagram. So I really admire these guys as a travelling couple. 

As well as their various instagram pages (which I will link here: Follow Me To, Nataly Osmann, Murad Osmann) they also post vlogs on youtube (also linked here.) I am in awe of their videos, they are so well shot and very creative, it's not your typical vlog but more like a little travel documentary with excellent drone shots and time lapses. Their videos are extremely well edited and thought out, and make me love them even more.

I really recommend this book if you like travel photography and if you follow them on instagram too. Each picture gives you a little info on the location, but I would have preferred maybe a little more writing and a little more on the inspiration behind choosing certain locations, and outfits etc. I will post my favourite photos below.

This is my favourite, if this is truly how he proposed I think it's so cute!