Book Haul

This is another very small book haul, as I am really trying to stop buying books. However, these were on sale for £1 in Waterstones and I couldn't resist the bargain. Also, both of these books are translations, and I think that will be interesting to read because I'm always fascinated by how translated books read! (I talk about this a little in my post on The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Dreams and Stones by Magdalena Tulli
Published: 1995 (Original) 2004 (in English)
Publisher: Archipelago
Original Language: Polish
Translated by: Bill Johnston
Length: 100pp.

I picked this up because it was small and pretty.  I know nothing about it's content as the back of the book was just full of reviews raving about how beautiful the imagery in the book is and how significant the writing is. It's described as 'one of the most extraordinary works of literature to come out of Central and Eastern Europe since the fall of communism.' The only description on the books actual content found on inside cover says that it's about the growth of cities. Very excited to read!

The World, The Lizard and Me by Gil Courtemanche

Published: 2010 (Original) 2015 (in English)
Publisher: Seren
Original Language: French
Translated by: David Homel
Length: 188pp.

This book was originally written in French, so i'm not optimistic about what it will be like to read in English but we'll see. I was drawn to it because it seems to be about ideas of justice in different cultures particularly contrasting the International Criminal Court in the Hague with justice in Congo, Africa. According to the blurb, this tells the story of a trial at the ICC where the perpetrator is free to return to his home country of Congo but the attitudes towards justice differ to that found in the ICC. I'm very interested in ideas around justice, and how justice is perceived by all of humanity, and how it differs culturally and that is what made me pick this up.