Y is for Yes Man

Yes Man by Danny Wallace

I never read much as a teenager. As a child I read a lot and as an adult i've gotten back into reading a lot more too, but between the ages of 12-17 I was not one of those people into YA novels, or twilight or all the other big things that were being read when I was a teenager, I never really read anything that wasn't required for me to read for school. Therefore anything I did read in those years stands out a lot especially Yes Man by Danny Wallace.

I read this when I was 15 because a friend lent it to me and said I was just like Danny in this book, and she was right. I totally related to him as a character who never really seized opportunities and was constantly saying no to things making his existence just a little bit dull. In fact I think I may still relate to that now! This book is one of my favourites, although I have never re-read it, and i'm unsure if I would still love it so much if I read it again now. But I still see it as one of my favourites because it means a lot to me in my journey as a reader. In a time when I had completely neglected the love I once had for reading, this book rekindled that for a brief moment in my teenage years.