J is for John

John's Gospel

The Bible is the book I read the most without a doubt yet sadly it features the least on this blog. But as Easter is just around the corner, and yesterday/today was passover, now seems as appropriate time as any to throw in a reference to the Bible, and John is my favourite book in the whole of the Bible. John tells the story of Jesus' life a lot better than any of the other 3 gospels (in my opinion!) It's beautifully written, starting with the poetic prologue of 'in the beginning was the word and the word was with God etc. etc.' to my favourite Chapter 15, where Jesus describes himself as 'the true vine.' For me John does the best job of showing how Jesus' life mirrors many things from the Old Testament, and thus the continuity between Judaism and Christianity is beautifully illustrated. John leaves out parables, and puts a lot of emphasis on Jesus' miracles which for me makes the story very fast paced, constantly moving, and very interesting. John's gospel is a must read for anybody whether you're a Christian or not.