Life in February and March

Apologies for the lack of content but I have been both overwhelmingly busy and completely bored. Strange, yes but please hear me out.

1. Jerusalem

I was back in Jerusalem (my favourite city in the world) at the end of February/beginning of March. I'm working on a project out there at the moment and have been trying to get that off the ground. But the people i'm working with still haven't given me everything I need to finish off my side of things here in London. I realise i'm speaking in very vague terms at the moment but I will post in greater detail when i'm a little more certain on the direction things are going.

But because of waiting for this stuff to come through it means I have a lot of time on my hands just spent waiting at the moment instead of doing. It's quite panful since I also have a lot to be doing. Since I can't do what I need to do I've been struggling to commit to doing anything really hence the boredom. I don't know if that adequately explains how i've had a lot to do and also nothing to do, but that's it in a nutshell. In the meantime enjoy this photo of the Citadel I took as I visited it for the first time in my recent trip, which is shocking considering it's such a tourist spot and I have spent so much time in Jerusalem over the last few years.

2. Spring
Spring has arrived in London and it is my favourite season. I hope to post a lot more, I will do my best to take many more pictures too so look out for them on instagram and I will attempt to post here.  The picture above is of some beautiful blossom I took in the park by my house I am considering doing something to post a lot more about Spring or just in general over April. Maybe a 'letters to Spring' set of posts in the style of Carrie Hope Fletcher's 'letters to Autumn' that she did on her youtube channel. Not sure. We'll see.

3. Books
So what about the reading? This is a book blog after all. Well i'm in a bit of a reading rut. I had an amazing February, finished 5 books in Feb but never posted about them. But I have only finished one book in March because nothing has fully captured my interest. I've started many books, but left them unfinished. I also gave up my headphones for lent which means no audiobooks - very foolish move on reflection! I'm considering doing a series on unfinished books, but i'd rather write a lot more about what i'm reading than what i'm not. I think I might try and force myself to read like crazy in this final week of March hopefully so I can post a torrent of book reviews in April.

To end here's a picture of me enjoying the Spring sunshine in the park by my house.