Tea with the Taliban by Owen Gallagher

I don't usually read poetry, and that's probably why I had mixed feelings about this book. I didn't really enjoy most of the poems at all, but I think that's because I just don't have that much of an appreciation for poetry. I just like simple poems that rhyme or that use lots of obvious poetic language and devices. That probably makes me sound really simple and childish, but it's how I feel. I think it's why I don't tend to enjoy poetry much, I find it pretentious.

That being said there were two poems I really enjoyed for two specific moments in them.

The first was The Good Samaritan. I really enjoyed the lines:

"I peer out to where Gabriel visited Mary
and Jesus whittled himself into the son of God"

Specifically the second line, the first is just there for context.

The second poem I enjoyed was The Planetary Commission, I liked the final verse:

"The gravitational pull for love is fleeting.
Everything is conditional.
I was forced to swear vows, wear metal on a finger"