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Life in Musrara (Jerusalem is exhausting)

I live in Musrara. It's a neighbourhood on the green line half in Jewish Jerusalem and half in Arab Jerusalem. It suits me, because I belong to neither and I live inbetween both Jerusalems. They say if you stand in the middle of the road you will get run over, and for the first time in the years that I've been coming to Jerusalem I feel that. I feel like I'm swerving inbetween cars and occasionally getting crushed.

I don't want to belong to either. I feel like people try and prod you and get you to pledge devout allegiance to either side. Worse still I find myself often falling for this bait and finding myself in debates which is the last place I want to be. This is where the swerving the crushing takes place.

I'm not the cheerleader for any side. Can't I just love everybody? Can I stand for the justice of somebody on this side of the road whilst still loving the people on the other? About a month ago in the height of all these feelings I posted a series of ph…

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